My life refuses to be boring and uneventful

Published March 6, 2011 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

First stop on my daily adventure, got up too early for sunday to get my oil changed and tires rotated. Too early for the also waiting to be booming cheerily about their life stories . The stories are harshing my pleasant valley sunday. I think half the staff here is hung over.  They were.  But they were nice.  I made every attempt to keep this a relaxing, stress free day.  Not going to happen.  I moseyed through my morning, getting laundry folded and organizing things at a relaxing pace.   Then the car people called. My car needs a catalytic converter. This is not something that can be taken care of today.I will need to get up extra early(I love love love doing that.)and take my car to yet another car repair place.  Pending their schedule, I will either have to walk to work or get someone to take me, and walk home, or get someone to pick me up. This will continue for who knows how many days until this is fixed.  Whee.
I do have to get to work early so I can read a play.  I can not talk about this because I am trying to stay relaxed and not screamy and headachey.

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