Desperately Seeking Something . . .

Published May 24, 2011 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I am tired. Really, really tired.  Today was the last full day of classes and everyone’s brain had checked out at least two days ago.

I am working on improving my work ethic.  At least, my self-motivation.

It’s really hard for me at shift gears from teaching to writing especially right now (write now?) at the end of the school year when I need to be compiling grades and writing tasteful and constructive comments on my students’ report cards.

This is not as easy as it sounds.

My work environment is less than stable right now. ( Good thing I’m not a horse! I’m a little funny.)

I have a lot of work to clean up as a part of my third career.  ( For those of you playing the home game, career number 1, Theatrical Producer, for fun and very little profit. Career number2, teacher. Career number 3, writer.)

I do realize how incredibly lucky I am to have or have had the opportunities that I have.  I can’t think of anything more boring than someone droning on about how perfect their life is.

A professor I had in grad school said that plays are not written about the day everything went ok.

So my problem (yes, the ONE problem) is that I am trying to pull myself together and wrap my tired and addled brain around writing in a new and more lucrative genre(What?!!! More lucrative than NO genre?!! Surely you joke.) whilst also forcing myself to clean up and re-edit my second first draft (No, that is not a math error, although I can see why that would be an assumption.)  I also need to brush up on my basic grammar skills.

I am also creating a cache of potential characters.

There is an obvious play on words, but that’s not exactly what I ‘m looking for right now.

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