Ain’t nobody want to “friend” no ‘ho with no blue face!”

Published June 13, 2011 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Just once I would like to see a PSA re-enactment that didn’t suck.

Is it odd that I find Dr.Phil’s coined phrase “textual harassment” hilarious?

I guess no more odd than the fact that I actually write better with background noise, even if I am interacting with it.

I am making an effort to write something original every day.   Today I have the beginnings of a summer cold,exacerbated by the dust and dirt and other evil that has been blooming at Steve’s.

I know the last time I ignored a summer cold I wound up with walking  pneumonia. (No boogie-woogie flu.)

I also know that if I don’t stick to some semblance of my original plan I will wander around at it will be the end of July and I would have written nothing.

I am trying to come up with a few ideas for a new short story for yet another story competition.  I’m actually pretty happy with the last two short stories I put together.  I have a few other projects I could be working on, writing-wise.

Today’s Dr. Phil is about domestic violence, particularly violence between teenagers.

Over the last several days I had a brain-trickle whilst trying to brain storm: perhaps I can get some ideas by reading or re-reading the classics.

Re-reading the Inferno would be redundant.

I am thinking about re-reading Candide. (I read it in high school for an assignment.)

That made me think about a character I played, Candida.   She spoke to an off stage character who was being smacked around by her clients.

Then Dr. Phil is talking about the same thing, only different.

It does bother me quite a bit that with all of the information available to our young people, girls still feel that they have to stay quiet about the jerks they date.

Wednesday’s Dr. Phil is entitled, “Did Mexican Pirates Kidnap My Husband.”

So there’s two possible tangents I can follow to potential creativity.

I could start with a list of jerks that I dated and then how I had them Kidnapped by Mexican Pirates.   The research would answer the question I have had for years, “Are there Mexican Pirates?”

I do think that it shows a great deal of calmitude for Dr. Phil not to paste an abusive teen boyfriend in the face.  This kid is sitting on national television while a litany of crappy behavior is read.  The mother of the girl is also eerily calm.   I would be breathing fire.  MY mother would have to  be restrained, or possibly, be appearing via satellite from her prison cell after snapping the kid in half.    (Of course it would be a trick finding a jury to convict her.)

Everyone on stage and in the studio audience looks stoned.   Does  the studio hand out valium chip cookies prior to taping? And where can I get some?

I have to go take some cold medication.

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