Which hunt?

Published July 27, 2011 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I am still trying to pull myself together to become a better writer and perhaps make some money. I am researching various and sundry topics (the origin of the word sundry would be an interesting tangent)

As Maria McKee says, the more I wonder, the less I know.

I just discovered that there are two garden hoses under the carport, and not just the one hose that’s in the murky swamp that used to be the pool. (long story, house foundation shifted, flooding, its the end times so whose priority is pool maintenance?)

The air conditioner is being serviced so the house doesn’t burst into flame (speaking of end times). I know so little about my house and it’s maintenance that I did not know the whereabouts of the other two hoses so I went outside (it burns! it burns!) and detached the hose that was attached to the pool pump.  I dragged it in all of its slimy green glory around the house and over the fence to give to the a/c guys who looked at me like I was the stupidest thing ever to crawl out of their ears. There are two guys, I don’t imagine someone would have something crawl out of both ears at the same time.

This is just an example of the so many things that I don’t know clogging up the vent of my life.

I do want to continue to challenge myself, but does it have to be so hard?

My original plan was to talk about how I started free writing during a documentary about the mania that swept through Kern County, California. (Lots of people falsely accused of child molestation)  My research was slightly derailed by the arrival of the service people. And now I feel stupid and it’s still hot.

Happy Brain Day, folks!


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