So real, Surreal

Published August 2, 2011 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Reality TV is fun because someone is ALWAYS behaving like an ass, and for once, I know it’s not going to be me.  I am one of the many who absolutely cannot turn away from the train wreck and outrageous antics of Snooki, the Krew Kardashian, and the many, many divas that prance on Project Runway.  I have a particular fondness for Jerseylicious.  If it were available on Hulu or Netflix streaming, I would watch the Gatsby Gang nonstop.

A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila clearly comes with a shot of penicillin.  But I think everyone has clued into that, after all, what has she done lately?

Speaking of done lately, the Bachelorette chose JP over Ben, in spite of spiteful sister Chrystie’s all too clear opinions on the matter.  And wasn’t he sweet in his tuxedo on the sandy beach?   (I wonder who does the dry cleaning for the show. I haven’t been to the beach in over a year and I still have sand lingering in my vacation gear.)

I am looking forward to seeing the Jersey Shore gang as they wreak havoc on Italy.  I don’t know why the American public worried so about sending these pumped and primped ambassadors to visit their motherland. (I am stunned that their origins weren’t in Paramus or Bayonne, but that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun to watch.)  I honestly don’t think anything these kids do/did could be any more embarrassing than any other Ugly American Antic.

Ugly Antics actually have their own show: America’s Got Talent.  Um, no it doesn’t.  AGT seems to have a fluid definition of Talent.   But, what else could they call that show? The Biggest Loser was already taken.   As a larger butted person who has also dabbled in the performing arts, I know I shouldn’t mock either show.  I’m really not mocking the Losers.

Surely there’s some way to combine a few of these competition based shows.  Maybe Survivor  and Fear Factor could combine with Fashion Police, Cupcake Wars and The Biggest Loser  by creating  a challenge where the non slender try to cram themselves into skinny jeans during peak shopping hours while someone force feeds them baked goods.

I’d watch that.

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