I watch far too much TV

Published October 2, 2011 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Do you think that oysters get the raw end of the deal?

I’m not trying to be funny. Think for a moment. I don’t know how to begin doing the research on the topic, but are we underestimating the thought processes of the oyster? I know some people who have even less personality than the average seafood platter, and they tend to object to my shaking cocktail sauce on them to liven things up. N

ow, working under the assumption that oysters are on some level aware of their surroundings; at some point wouldn’t they have to just resign themselves to their fate? Resistance would be futile, what with the lack of opposable thumbs or limbs. And assuming they are resigned, would they choose to be consumed raw? Would you? I need to check on available packages with my satellite provider

I think I need the National Geographic channel. I might learn something from Shark Week.

This is what I do with my information overload

I wonder if I could propose a vermin reality show from the POV of the animal.  I’m can just imagine the proposal:

To all of my friends from all Kingdoms, Classes and Orders,

I have fantastic news! I have made a whole flock of new pals. I spent my vacation exploring in the Midwestern United States. I followed a group of friendly voles and their buddies the Stoats on an epic adventure. They showed me some underground, after hours clubs and one exciting new development with great real estate opportunities, wonderful public schools and world class library, all with a special night time hours. . The wonderful people at the AP have giveen me a camera crew and I hope to be joining my friends on their new show. Don’t miss Vole me over. Make sure your provider carries Animal Planet!


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