Animal Funny Farm

Published October 5, 2011 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I shouldn’t bother trying to explain my train of thought because even the people who know and love me still think I’m nuts.  I was trying to explain to my father what I write about.  I feel terrible for this poor man because he invested so much time and money in my education and I have made the sound financial career choices of  show business, teaching and now freelance writing.   I think he was hoping that I made sense on some level.

While I was trying to explain the process to him, I realized how many of my stories and analogies are centered in some away around animals.  I didn’t have to do much explaining that I have lots of moments of strange, bizarre and just plain odd over the course of a day.   A college professor once said that it was because I had a skewed perspective.  Instead of saying, “Well, skew you!” I let this thought simmer for a long time.

I realize now that he was right.

Earlier today, I glanced at the person next to me and thought it would be interesting if an animator turned them into a cartoon fish.  It set me to giggling and then I  couldn’t stop seeing the entire room as a big aquarium.  The person behind the counter looked like a giant diver with bubbles coming out of his head, the little kid in the corner pleading with his mother looked like a baby turtle while his sister looked like a starfish.   Then the person across the room from me who started staring waved his eyestalks at me and said, “Miss, are you ok?”  I couldn’t help myself, I said, “ I’m sorry was I too loud, don’t get crabby.

I should probably cut back on the caffeine


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