This Crazy Lady is not limited to a top 10

Published December 27, 2011 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

This has indeed been a  challenging year.  The economy quietly escorted me out of the teaching job I love, The Kid got into the NY Conservatory of Drama  (In case I haven’t mentioned a zillion times.)  I spent days and continue to spend days taking all of the stuff out of Steve’s house.  I started the freelance writing thing.  I finished the second first draft of my novel and am still working on the edit.  I lost 10% of my body weight. (On purpose; I didn’t lose any limbs)  For the most part, it has been hard to describe.  I have just run across fifteen prompts that I put together for something, I do not know what. I find that it is an accurate window into my madness.

Here it is the top fifteen things that sum up what I think about given too much time and encouragement

1)      The program said, welcome to the volcano. I was sincerely hoping that the drum sounds were coming from the DJ and not an actual volcano

2)      When the night sky is looming, the beats,they be glooming.

3)      A diner is weird place to hold a rave. It was crazy, but at least there’s pie.

4)      I remember dancing at the tea party.  So maybe my type of dancing was offensive to Mr. Ballinger, so what.

5)      We marched in place as we prepared for the duel.   It was such a drag to have to do this outside, but I guess no one really wants people shooting off guns inside.

6)      Dear Aunt Carrie, the martian has monkey rot. I’m so sorry he left a mess in your limousine.  We will leave your compensation at the sign of the headless vole.

7)      The longer I wait,the more I want to smack my brother.

8)      She wore a bobble head, the native hat of her people. It was a bizarre thing to see at an arcade, especially is she played Dance Dance revolution.

9)      I plucked a Brussels sprout out my hair.  Matt commented, as a kid, I always enjoyed Brussels sprouts as a child.

10)   I remember liking the gas station. That’s a strange thing to stand out from childhood memories. Then my parents got aerosol fix a flat

11)   She tore a waffle from the toaster and bit in angrily.  We all agreed that it was an extreme reaction for a child prodigy.  No one expected the director to use it as the opening scene.

12)   They took us to their leader.  For a moment, I thought we had landed on the planet of the Apes.  It turned out that the guy just had a low brow.  It’s far too easy to make a joke here

13)   I made a slight mistake at the undertaker’s.  I delivered the wrong order.  How was I to know the guy was allergic to  onions?

14)   Don’t you hate when a song gets stuck in your head and you can’t remember the lyrics or where you heard it in the first place?  There was something about  a hunchback and Moby Dick and the melody was haunting.

15)   I threw the can of cream colored paint at the toy castle.  It was the inaugural event at the toy store.

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