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What news from the revolution?

Published February 8, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

For someone who doesn’t have anything to do, I sure have gotten really busy really fast

I blame Katboy.  He worked from home for a couple of days a few weeks ago and he noticed that I am far too comfortable as I peck away from the comfort of my rut. (I think it’s because I wore cookie monster pajama bottoms and my Texas Wesleyan Alumni T-shirt for both days.  I took a shower on both days, and put the clothes back on. I’m not a coal miner, so my clothes were mostly clean.  I say “mostly” because at some point, I spilled a little toothpaste on myself. It was clean toothpaste, and hey, I wasn’t going anywhere, but at that point, Katboy decreed that I should get out at least once a day.

The freelance thing is going pretty well. I’m figuring out what I’m good at and making money at weird stuff that pays (not that kind of weird stuff.) I am trying to get into a groove and work as efficiently as possible. I just finished a set of SEO  types blogs: If you really want to know, this will give you an idea what it’s all about :  I wrote a set that totaled a number of Forty-five thousand words for one company. That’s what I’ve been focusing on, because, damn, that’s a  lot of words on one subject.

On the upside, a character emerged from one of these things(just for fun, let’s call it a bloggette) that has taken on a life of her own. Chronicling her escapades and adventures requires me to get out of the house at least once a day, because as comfy as my life is, it’s just not exciting.

I am also covering the occasional class for the Country Day Theatre department.  This is fun, the kids are really talented and well behaved, and the facility is amazing.

It just makes me miss all of the kids that I have taught over the last few years.

Wow, that was kind of a downer.  Now back to the bloggettes:

If you are at all interested, the character with her own life can be observed, discussed and loved via