hugging the (learning) curve

Published April 20, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I am trying to get the hang of this writer thing,except my brain keeps acting inappropriately, (imagine that) I wonder if a writer is only as good as his/her tools, unless, of course, the writer in question IS a tool, but I digress.  Right now, I am writing on my new netbook.  It just came in today.  It was purchased with some of the money that came from the sale of Mr. Steve’s house.  The idea is that having more portable tools will make me a more prolific writer. 

I will still have the old brain. 

But the computer is new.  I’m trying to  get the hang of things, and according to the results of my neuropsych, I still have a lot of velcoity in my learning curve. 

There are some thoughts that have occured to me in the last few days that I wish I had followed to their logical, if absurd conclusion.

Thought 1: I need to pull all my little story ducks into a row, or at least get them all in the same pond becaue I need to submit several short stories for a couple of juicy job assignments.I know, I know, I just said a few days ago that I would love to have more creative writing opportunities and here I am, unfocused.

Thought 2: I have proof of a supreme being at work in the universe.  I truly believe the ridiculously high pollen count is to make sure that I am stoned on allergy meds 90 percent of the time so I don’t punch anybody out or create some kind of protest.  Twice this week I have heard a minority group refered to as “those people”  Apparently the bigots in question didn’t notice my little brown face or narrowing dark eyes.

Thought 3: I don’t know if I have writer’s block or if I am unmotivated or if I’m just stoned on pain meds. It is possible I should just relax and I’ll figure it out.  Today I actually felt life-like and my computer was slooooww  and my ipod decided it hated me.  This was before my netbook arrived, and by the time the computer things were figured out it was time for me to go to cover a couple of classes.

Thought 4: If you look at a word long enough you will completely forget how it is spelled.

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