How all occasions do inform against me!

Published May 11, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Okay, I’m not exactly in Hamletesque peril and consternation (Wait, I thought that nation was Denmark?)  But at the mid-day mark today, right now the universe seems to be conspiring to crumb up my day.

I am substitute teaching today.  This is  by no means a difficult job, mainly because I’m kind of surly and nothing really scares me anymore.  I had a two hour break between classes so I took advantage of this time to go over to Stage West and read the script for the upcoming auditions.  (Long story-Highlights- There is an open audition for a touring children’s show, I haven’t auditioned for anything in years and the director is the only person I don’t know that works at this particular theatre, but I’m not really doing any kind of structured activity this summer and I think Katboy is concerned that I’m going to start making felt hand puppets out  of loose hair, so I’m auditioning in about a week)

I teach my students to respect their prospective directors by looking well groomed, so the plan to go and read the script fit right in to my schedule.

Then it rained.

I know, rain.  Big deal, crazy lady, right?

It is when you are teaching on a campus that is made up of  several gorgeous small buildings that are nowhere near the parking lot.

I got soaked and wound up reading the script at the theatre.  Fortunately, this is a play for children, so maybe looking like a seal who has dry contact lenses might actually work in my favor.

I don’t know.

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