It counts, write?

Published September 12, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Having a pretty good day so far, I did get up relatively early.  No cat breath this morning, so I wonder what cat related horror awaits me.  My power smoothie is working too well, I have been zinging through the house. I did the first half of the dishes, and half of my workout.  (I will be doing the rest of it, but we have a lot of dishes and limited counter space, and I can’t do the full workout at one time until my knee is completely healed.)

So now I am settling in to my other business, I am conducting a small experiment.  I am considering discontinuing my satellite dish.

Anyone who knows how much I love TV is taking the opportunity to gasp hugely.

We will save 64 dollars a month by switching to Hulu Plus instead of Dish.  We already have Netflix, so I’m trying to see how this would work out.

Right now I’m watching the first episode of Women Behind Bars.

I am strangely delighted by this. ( The prospect, not by the plight of the women.) So far I find this to be applicable to a story I am working on, Intentionally Left Blank.

( I know, I know, how far behind are you now, and why are you watching TV instead of getting it together?)

Research counts, and Carpe TeVeum?

I have available on eBook right now (I bet you were wondering when I would get to that)

One Foot in the Door and other short stories

This collection of five short stories includes the special bonus of the first chapter of my novel

Circumstance  to be released this winter.

Coming very soon, probably mid-October is the novella

Valerian’s Route by Elle C Roderick 

This is a pseudonym because it will be listed as Fantasy Erotica.

If the Mayan’s were wrong, spring will see the release of

Intentionally Left Blank

In the meantime, I will keep everyone posted about the trials and tribulations of the Women Behind Bars!

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