Maybe. First tell me what it means.

Published September 14, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I once asked Katboy if he would give a drowning man a glass of sand.

He married me anyway.

To this day, I have no idea what it was I was trying to say.  This was pre-stroke and pre-grad school, so I have nothing on which to base that insanity.

I thought of this today as  I was playing the vital role in the educational process by filling in for a Freshman Acting Class.  Most of these kids have not had a lengthy exposure to me and I suspect they think I have day pass from the asylum and that the school is doing it’s part to mainstream me.

Today I was introducing them to the concept of Improvisation.

Fortunately none of them gave the, “Why do we have to pay attention? Don’t you just make it up as you go along?”   I do appreciate a perfunctory level of intellectual curiosity, but it’s possible they didn’t want to incite madness.    (A word about my appearance.  It is no secret that one of my personal goals is to be dressed as comfortably as possible at all times. I am delighted that it is finally getting cool enough to wear my Pajama Jeans.  I have the black skinny cut ones so tucked into boots with a blousy shirt, I am comfy and no one is any the wiser.  Except now. Now you all know.  My friend Cathy says that my Pajama Jeans are a cry for help. It is also rainy today and I have curly hair.  Picture this, me, my pajama jeans, boots, coordinating blousy top and hair that is threatening to make an audible pop as it springs to life.) Their intellectual curiosity may have just been an attempt to humor the crazy lady.

The class went really well and I found myself quoting Rachel Dratch  who said that the truly great moments in Improvisation are when you get out of your own way.

That’s what it’s called.

And I thought it was all about creating odd questions.

And if you are at all curious to see how my strange life impacts my “craft” (Quotes are intended, because I don’t like the pretension the word “craft” implies.  I don’t like to take myself too seriously)  Check out the stories The Classic and Both Sides Now.   These are  but two of the stories in my Ebook (There’s the plug.) For the low, low price of 2.99 you will get those stories plus three more and the first chapter of my upcoming novel.  What a bargain!


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