How did I get here?

Published September 17, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I’m not really questioning things on an existential level.   I do know how I literally got here , to this moment where I sit in front of my laptop in my messy office that smells vaguely like roadkill.

I can unravel all of that in something I like to call

The Frozen Burrito Theory

In a nutshell, or a tortilla shell, everything you do in your entire life leads you to the exact moment that you are currently in.  This includes every frozen burrito you chose to eat or not to eat.

I teach a cross-curriculum workshop in how the Frozen Burrito Theory can be applied to any character or historical personage.   It is helpful to the actor or director in understanding the character and it’s also a handy place to start for brainstorming creative writing or new angles on a research projects.

So the desk that I am banging my knees against is actually the drafting table that came  from Mr. Steve’s House.  The laptop was a purchase made with my rehearsal bonus from Of Mice and Men my first year at Hill School. My office is messy because I have been too much of a slack to clean it up after having to get a deadline finished then function with a sprained knee for two weeks.  Yes, my knee is better, but I’m still a slack.

What I don’t understand is how it got to be 4 PM.

I overslept, but still, I have been going full out since around 9 AM.  And I have gotten a lot done, but I still don’t know where my day went.

And I still got so tired just writing all of that I feel like slamming my head on the floor.

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