Not completely odd.

Published September 18, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

The title is misleading.  I had a strange dream.  That’s not the weird part, because let’s face it when you have the kind of day to day circus that I have, which usually includes finding an euphemism for “tentacle sex” in the same day that you have to teach ten year olds how to sing a shopping list, strange is actually pretty normal.  And I take ambien. (Trust me, I’ve tried going without and I absolutely can not function on three hours of bleary sleep.)

The dream I had involved me driving to Denton to sit an interview because I had been shortlisted to be an Academic Fellow. (For she’s a jolly good?)  This fellowship would have me interacting with the Academia Nuts  somewhere in New England and one of the stipulations of the fellowship is that I would teach at various institutions in the NYC region.

This opportunity came about because of the research behind a ongoing writing project.  The project was only referenced a time or two and what I can remember is the actual story was a Historical Fiction and seemed to be geared towards the YA audience.  Apparently there was some groundbreaking research involved.  I can’t remember what specific time period, but I do recall it was American History.

That seems a bit broad, but it gives me a bit of hope.

I also recall asking if my Academic Fellow insignia could feature Cookie Monster.

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