Not too early for the soapbox

Published September 24, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

By soapbox, I mean one one which to stand and commence to speechify, not one to add wheels and coast down a hill, derby fashion.

I’m glad I have the kind of life that allows me to make that choice.

One of the things that I regularly do in the morning is listen to the New York Times Audio Digest.  One hour of actual news is about all I can stand.

I usually listen to this on my way to teach, but on days like today where I have to self motivate, I listen to it while taking my morning trudge throughout the neighborhood.

A top story today is about the baby panda that died at the Zoo.,0,3117812.story

I am indeed saddened by this story, but something in the NY times article made me think.

Because they are endangered, each baby is considered important.

To a certain extent, aren’t we, the human race also endangered? And as such, shouldn’t we be treating each of our babies as if they were the last baby panda?

For example:

( I know this is Fox News, but I originally read it in the Huffington Post, so there. ),0,3117812.story

Although the story didn’t actually come out and say so, I got the impression that this child’s disappearance is being overlooked because they are just poor mountain folk from West Virginia.

It makes me think quite a bit about what’s happening in the world in general.

If I were one to be an active believer in conspiracy theories, I would attribute the public and political madness in the news in general to a mass cover-up for some kind of horrifying event like a meteor or giant stink-ray about to crush all human kind.

Thus we should began treating all of our cubs as if they are endangered.

And we’re back.

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