But what other way could it go?

Published November 3, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I seem to have a knack for ruffling people the wrong way. (I twisted the cliche on purpose because it amuses me.)

I sparked a comment war on my Facebook page (I know, that NEVER happens to anyone!) because I posted a link to an op ed piece that ran about the election.

I have now decided that I am going to do jumping jacks every time some annoys, irritates or vexes me because of the upcoming Presidential election.   (I fully expect to either lose a lot of weight this week, or possibly drop dead from exhaustion.)

That particular thought process led me to do some actual reading on/about/near the election.

I ran across this article


Apparently Nate Silver, the subject of the article, thinks this election could go either way.

Okay, that makes sense.  Someone will win and someone won’t.   Who needed a prodigy/wizard/guru to tell them this?

I am going to refrain from making this point on Facebook because apparently posting a personal opinion makes people crabby.

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