It’s the little things

Published November 12, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I know they say “The little things mean a lot” I have no idea who ‘”they” are.

I do know that “they” also say “Don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff.”

Apparently they are vying for a career in politics because those cliche’d sentiments contradict each other

I am having one of those days that lots of little things are making feel particularly stabby.

Like the fact that they guy in the parking lot at Target almost ran over me because he was too busying ogling his girlfriend in her short denim cut-offs and cowboy boots.  I know this because this couple was also in front of me in line.  I just wanted to pay for my bananas and benadryl  and come home. ( I wasn’t trying to make an anti-allergy smoothie, those were the only things I needed and I’m trying to save money by not impulse shopping.

Other little things that make me want to flurb is the fact that my cat, Samantha, does not understand that I can’t doze off in a diphenhydramine coma her standing on my sternum.   ( I strongly suspect there is a permanent indention on my sternum in the shape of her paws.) Some how she manages to put all of her weight on this one area and since I am gasping for air, I can’t muscle her off of me.

And now the football game has run over time, so the Simpsons isn’t on yet.

I know it’s a little thing.

Maybe some tiny Benadryl will help.


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