Seriously with the Zombies?

Published November 13, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I know this is at least the third post I have had where I mention Zombies.

I found out about this app

I think Zombies actually chasing me is a great way to get me to actually run.

I prefer to actually be running FROM something, ( my own thighs don’t count.)  I am also not very happy with my upper arms, which I refer to as “matronly” or ” like that of a dock walloper.”  ( I rather like the idea of walloping those who need to be walloped.)  I am hoping that maybe there will be some part of the Zombie workout that will require me to prepare my arms for the slugging and walloping that will probably be part of the actual Zombie battle. ( I guess no one’s actually put together and app for the advance strategic planning in Zombie avoidance, alhough I would like partial credit if someone actually gets that idea together.)

I am so tired I can’t really stand to look out of my eyes anymore. (I know then why don’t I sit and look?)

Sounds easy enough.

Speaking of Zombies and other equally horrifying things, my copy of Cincuenta Sombras de Grey has arrived, and the new Twilight Movie is coming out this weekend. I don’t know which will dent my soul more.

But, since I haven’t plugged my book in awhile, this is the opportunity that I’m going to take to let you know that my next blog entry will be my short story “The Classic.”  This story is available along with four others and the first chapter of my upcoming novel.

Have I mentioned that all five stories and bonus chapter are available for the LOW LOW price of $1.99



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