Hostess with the leastest?

Published November 16, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

A lot of my friends are teachers, by trade. One of them asked me why everyone in Academia (that includes all of the nuts) gets to this first major holiday break simply drooling with exhaustion.  (I have embellished the actual statement, but the sentiment is the same.)

I said that I think it’s because everything after the Thanksgiving is on the down slope towards the end of the semester.

And if you are in the pro-Zombie camp, it’s a down slope towards the end of Humanity as we know it. (No one ever thinks it will happen, until it does.)

Now I could go on ad nauseum and ad infinitum , (Why yes, I am just using those phrases to be pretentious.  I am an educational snob, but I know who I am!) about all of the cultural and astrological signs that are pointing for the imminence of impending doom, but really what’s the point?

Today the big news story is that Twinkies and it’s chocolatey brothers, cupcakes and Ding Dongs, may no longer be available. (Apparently the HoHo’s and Suzie Q’s could not be reached for comment)

Several people in my social circle have commented on the scarcity of these products in the stores and how life will never be the same.

Life is never the same.  People get nostalgic and maudlin at this time of year, it may be from exhaustion and anxiety,allergies and apparently now we have the lack of cream filled indestructible sponge cake to add to the mix. (mmm sponge mix.)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Hostess Company more than some members of my extended family, although it hasn’t been the same since they did away with Fruit Pie the Magician.

I just don’t think that this event is going to end civilization.

Oh, Fruit Pie, wave your wand and make it all go away!

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