It started with a headband (Not that kind of band)

Published November 23, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Over the years I have cobbled together a system of teaching characterization to writers, actors, directors and anyone interested in creating a rich and resonant character. This can also be applied to any curriculum in the field of the Humanities (Which reminds me, I still have to type up all of the basic information and get it to the three teachers I promised it to. I’m a slack.)

I call it the  Frozen Burrito Theory.

I will be outlining it at length on my webpage, which Katboy swears to me will be up and running early next week, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

If I begin discussing it now, I will get distracted from my main point and I actually have one for an exciting change.

For the purposes of this blog, lets just say if you pull one thing, all of the beans fall out. ( How’s that for an eye catching tidbit?)

I rarely pull my hair back in a headband, mostly because my head is kind of a funny shape, not so’s you’d notice, but it does make styling options difficult. (Hey, Bethenny Frankel’s head is shaped like a peanut, and that hasn’t held her back any.)

Anyway, now that my hair is short, I don’t really need to pull it back much, besides when I do, my gray hair pops up.

I found a headband on the first layer of debris in my room.  ( I have no idea why I got the wild hair/hare to clean after the Thanksgiving feast)  Strangely enough I didn’t really get distracted by it.  I put it on my head and got to work.  As I worked I noticed all of these bits of my life popping out their various hiding places.

I did have to stop cleaning because we only have one trash bag and we’re out of clorox wipes.  And if you do one thing, it leads to another.

Maybe I’ll just throw the headband back on the heap until tomorrow.


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