Still building that platform

Published November 26, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I have not given up on the professional diatribe about education.  I simply have not had the time I would like to hone and shape the words.   I know that sounds like rationalization (And believe me, I could get a higher level degree in rationalization just on my post Zombie-Apocalypse food necessities alone.)  I know it seems like I am boosting the hype for little to no pay off.

I can not just show up and speechify about something in a field for which I have qualifications.  I would not just show up and play. I will officially pontificate when the platform is completely ready.

I did get some information today. I have reserved the first part of this week to cover classes for a colleague who is welcoming her new grandchild.  Because her classes are also in an area for which I have diplomas and credentials, I feel qualified to punt, if necessary.

Today, by happy accident, there was a guest speaker who addressed the students about the process of directing and playwriting.  This made me happy not only because I am interested, but also because it gave me a moment to reflect a bit about what this workshop means in the bigger picture of education.

Opportunity.  Education is about opportunity.

Some schools can afford to give more, like workshops on special topics so that students can learn from working professionals and gain a respect for different aspects of society.

There are so many other things that fall under the heading of opportunity.

Today I felt as if I were firing on all cylinders and that most of the brain was working towards the same goal.

Teach and be teached. (I know the right word is “taught”.  “Teached” sounds better.)

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