ex libri scientia

Published November 27, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I wanted to say “Ex Librum Platfomum”, which is crazy Writer Chick-ese for ” Books to build platform”.

I’m too much of an overachiever and pompous pontificator to let myself get away with that. (To say nothing of the Catholic Guilt I would feel for faking it when my Latin teacher, Father Howard Hetzel patiently taught Latin I and II when I was in High School.  Poor man.  Not only was it his lot in life to teach Latin to a bunch of ungrateful students in an unairconditioned classroom in Texas, but he also stuttered.  And he later died of Cancer of the tongue.  You see why I can’t fake the  Latin.

So the title means,”From books, knowledge.” (Thank you Google!)

As I may have mentioned, the school is having a book fair. There are signs everywhere suggesting that students purchase extra books to donate to St. George Catholic School.

I went to St. George.

It’s amazing how things come full circle.

Books were so much of my childhood, particularly at St. George.  Both my brother, George, and I could read when we were in Kindergarten and as such, we were allowed and encouraged to read to the class. (It’s possible that the teacher wanted to zone out for awhile. Having spent a day or two in Kindergarten, I completely understand.)

It was also at St. George that I read the book “Slave Girl”, of which I have such vivid/soul scarring memories. (I will never forget the Sock Puppet recreation of key scenes.  It was not unlike a googly-eyed version of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.)

I am very certain that all of my achievements, neuroses, psychotic episodes and the like are all directly related to the fact that not only was I read to, I was also encouraged to read.

Now a key part of that encouragement is part of the book fair.

And we’re back.

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