Skew You, Data!

Published December 3, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I am in no way insulting Brent Spiner.

I just wanted to get that out of the way.

Today’s documentaries that churned in the background as I edited still more short stories (time crunch to get some truly charming Christmas stories out as soon as possible)  were

Super Size Me: I liked this a lot when it came out, but re watching it made me want to bitch slap Morgan Spurlock’s smug Vegan chef girlfriend.

Seriously, if I were living with a smarmy, self righteous person who commented about my sexual performance and blamed any bedroom problems on saturated fat.

She is a chef.  She is not a doctor, or a sex therapist.

I’m not defending Spurlock and his mad, mad idea of eating twice as many calories as his body could handle, all of it from fast food.  (Seriously, who was shocked that a constant diet of grease, fat, sugar and questionable meat would slow you down?)

True, it was definitely an eye-catching, genius marketing approach.

I much prefer the no-nonsense, no baloney approach to the same idea that Tom Naughton espouses in Fat Head, a direct response Spurlock’s film. (I got to use the word ‘espouse’!)

His concept is that moderation in all food consumption is key and that no one ever forces you at knife point to eat fast food.  You can eat healthily if you use your brain.  A healthy life style can include reasonable portions of treats like fast food.



Sometimes a banana is just a banana.

And a hamburger never forced anyone to eat to explosion.

Now, Zombies on the other hand . . . .

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