Et tu, Cosmo?

Published December 5, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I subscribe to a few magazines, mostly because I can write off some of the expense as research, because I occasionally need to know what’s happening in the world of the dating and the vacuous.

The January issue of Cosmopolitan has an article called “The New Normal” .

It’s about, ” a fresh breed of powerhouse in Hollywood: A smart, beautiful star who’s too busing being successful to worry about a few extra pounds.”

That sounded promising, so I read on. There is a quote from Mindy Kaling that I hope and pray was not intended to be as, well, assholic as it sounds (assholic: of and pertaining to being an asshole, not to be confused with ‘assaholic’ which is another thing entirely.)

Kaling says, ” I am not model skinny, but also not superfat and fabulously owning my own hugeness.” Cosmo attributes this quote to Kaling’s memoir, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” (This may a direct quote which I would know if I had been able to tolerate Mindy’s irritating voice in the audiobook.)

The article goes on to mention Khloe Kardasian, Christina Aguilera, Lena Dunham and Jessica Simpson as members of the female power pack. (Worst superhero group ever?)

The closing paragraph has a real self-esteem boosting opener in this quote  “These women aren’t just fearless:they achieve so much more per pound than the rest of us could hope to achieve in a lifetime.”


I thought you were on our side, Cosmo.  And by “our” I mean the “fun, fearless, females.” I guess those of us with the other f  (flab/fat, you pick) don’t count unless you are giving out self-worth by ounce.


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