Getting my act together (before hitting the road)

Published December 17, 2012 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

For someone who is basically lazy, I sure have a lot to do.

When I started freelancing from home rather than trying to write when I wasn’t teaching at a regular job, (translation, taught at the same school every day for the traditional school year.  None of the students I have ever taught could possibly fall into the regular category, thank God.)  I thought that I would have loads of time to write, sip coffee, read and perhaps tidy and organize my house.   Hear I am a year and a half into the process and I am trying to figure out what is the bare minimum I can get away with cleaning before I go out of town.

I can’t help but think that I may actually have time to write and/or work on some projects while I’m there. (Cue the cackle of laughter here.)

Before I leave on Saturday I have to

Figure out the level of bribe I have to offer to friends/family to come and check on the surly cat’s food level.

Make sure there is enough food for said surly cat for the week.

Make a grocery run for sodas and Pan Dulce (Mexican Sweet bread, my brother-in-law is also of Hispanic descent and always welcomes bakery treats from a Panaderia run by Texicans. Soda is cheaper here, for some reason, and it’s just easier to bring some with us.)

Print out copies of the cookie recipe and gather cookie cutters ( I have agreed to help the Girlies, my six year old and eleven year old nieces bake the cookies for Santa and I am going to supervise the making of the big soft sugar cookies that you cut in festive shapes and decorate with delicious icing.  Oops, have to add food coloring and frosting to the list)


Go through the gifts I have already purchased for my in-laws and consolidate them into a packable heap so they can be loaded into the car on Saturday morning.

Make the list of whatever it is that I forgot to get so I can race around and pick it up before we leave Saturday.

Charge phone and ipod.

Pack far too many books to possibly read while I’m gone, especially since my Ereader is loaded and I have a zillion books on my phone, too.

Prewrite enough of a storyline for the play I am writing that has to be finished by January 16 or thereabouts.

Figure out what I’m going to wear (not a big deal, judging from past experience I will spend most of the week in pajama bottoms and sweatshirts.)

This is what I need to be doing right now instead of advance panicking on the blogosphere. I should. But will I?

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