What’s the story?

Published January 9, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I rarely have writer’s block and I have Gritso, the mascot for the National Grit Council, to thank.

Thank you, Gritso.

The hilarious part is that most of the people who know me in real life won’t even bother to ask who Gritso is and why I’m thanking him.   It’s just the kind of thing that occurs to me in the average day.

Gritso,for those of you who aren’t privy to my daily ramble (Great name for my newsletter, oh wait, I have a blog.) Gritso is the product of a lot of coffee and pancakes.  It occurred to me that Grits don’t have a spokes kernel and if they did, they might be more popular.   (This kind of thing would keep me up at night if I weren’t medicated.)  This was around the time when I was making the transition from the teaching everyday to the freelance writing everyday.  I submitted the Gritso saga as my writing sample for an SEO blog job and got it.  It was my very first writing job.  This lead to subsequent SEO Blogs for various employees world wide.  Churning out approximately 1500 words a day about various things trained me to stop being precious with my words.  That’s what my playwriting instructor, Connie Whitt-Lambert  used to say about my inability to be verbose. (I know, I know.)

Now my big problem is focus and whatever is the opposite of ennui.

I am having a very hard time getting back to my writing schedule.  I am currently working on a project that is due next week. I have all of the plotline laid out, all I have to do is put together the pieces and connect the dots.

I also have a few other things to do, and at least three more stories to tell.  Maybe I should start tomorrow with Coffee and Pancakes.  But not Grits.  That would be weird.

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