I can’t be this funny!

Published January 11, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Even with Gritso occasionally cruising around the windmills of my mind, (somehow the bats have not figured out that he is edible.)  I could not possibly write something this hilarious and astute and perfect:

Where was I when everybody decided to get their shit together? Probably drinking margaritas at a dog wedding.

This is the opening sentence for the following article on XO Jane


(I am not a paid spokesperson, just a big fan of most things Jane.)

I am mostly back on schedule.  I am about half-way through the Major Project that is due on the 15th.  That’s the deadline, I say “due” because it helps motivate me to think that some screamy angry nun is going to wreak havoc on my GPA and college recommendation if it’s not turned in on time.

Is anyone else motivated by this?

Possibly Christian Grey.

I actually read the whole thing.

The Book Club I belong to is made up of librarians and other snarky educated types and for the first time we are actually all reading the same book for this month’s meeting.

The book is just as stupid as I thought it would be, however, I wanted to read the whole thing before I feel I can make a qualified snark.  One of the reviews said that the third book features a bonus: The first two chapters of Book one as told from Christian’s perspective.   I am intrigued, but suspect it will be just as intellectually insulting as the first version. (Although maybe not, I can’t imagine anyone being as dim and well, stupid as Anastasia Steele. Seriously.  The girl says “holy” more than the the 1970’s Robin)

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