It’s Back. Fat.

Published January 16, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

For some reason I am hyper aware of articles on Fat. I made this remark aloud the other day and someone remarked that it’s because it’s that time of year.

I was unaware that Fat is a seasonal issue.

I recently purchased the lovely Leslie Kinzel’s book, “Two Whole Cakes”  and Lara Frater’s book  “Fat Chicks Rule”.  I am not trying to make a point, I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas, and I have been doling treats for myself.  I also ordered a memoir I couldn’t get through the library, and  the masterpiece of the MADE FOR TV MOVIE  The Two Mrs. Grenvilles.  (It stars Claudette Colbert and Ann-Margret)   but those purchases aren’t related to this topic, so who cares?

The point is, there’s a lot of Fat in the news. Leslie Kinzel has an article in XO Jane (once again, big fan.) about Ulanda  Williams.  Williams is the woman who fell through the sidewalk in NYC this past weekend.  Kinzel points out what I also noticed that between the time the six foot five inches tall Williams was released from the hospital, her weight was reported at numbers varying between 300 and 400 lbs.

I was thinking about Fat because I’m kind of messed up about that kind of thing, and because yesterday when I was trying  not to stress out about anything in specific, I ran across an update about Dara-Lynn Weiss, the mom who wrote an article in Vogue about putting her clinically obese daughter on a diet.

The quote from Jezebel writer, Katie J. M. Baker says it best:

“The socialites who write personal essays forVogue aren’t known for their kindness and humility, but Dara-Lynn Weiss, who opened up about putting her 7-year-old daughter on a Weight Watchers-style diet in Vogue‘s April issue, has to go down in history as the one of the most fucked up, selfish women to ever grace the magazine’s pages. Weiss’ initial quandary is a complicated one, to be sure: what do you do if your pediatrician tells you your child is clinically obese? But the justifications to which Weiss clings as she describes the abrasive, often irrational weight-loss strategies she imposed upon her young daughter are truly disgusting, as is the obvious fact that Weiss was projecting her hatred of her own body onto her child throughout her year-long diet. The ickiness of the essay is only overshadowed by the accompanying photos, in which Weiss and her now-slender daughter — who even Weiss admits is traumatized by the events of the past year — don miniskirts and giggle girlishly over tea.”

The update says that the girl, Bea, is now at a normal weight.

Okay, that’s a good thing. But is she at a normal psyche?

Why is Fat always up for public mockery?


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