The only thing that’s trying is my patience

Published February 20, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Does anyone else every wake up and think, “I don’t much like people?”

I can’t cite any specific examples today, and I know it’s all me and that I’m just crabby because I had my gums lased and gouged yesterday. (Minor oral surgery from a dentist who doesn’t prescribe aftercare narcotics.)

I had a minor psychotic episode when the whole left side of my face went numb, you know because of that time when my head blew up and all. It was eventually ok, but my whole head is tense now because I clenched up so much yesterday and in my sleep.  The cat, at least, took pity on me and decided not to tromp on my sternum this morning.  I suspect there will be a chilly paw on my face later today. There is probably some horrible cat excretion waiting for my nice bare foot to step in.

In the plus side, I just finished editing the ebook about  reigniting flames.  It’s actually pretty good. I especially enjoyed the list of possible pet names to try out on your sweetie.

The first person to try and call me “Love-Muffin” will get a bust in the chops.


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