I wish I could say it was turtles

Published February 25, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

The song” you can’t win” from the Wiz keeps running through my head’, particularly the line “before some turkey blows out your flame”. I’m not at my best and I really have got to get a handle on the posting from the touch screen thing.

I’m feeling tired. It’s possible I’m just really bored, but I doubt it. I just feel filleted, like I don’t have any bones.  (Keep the comments to yourselves, perverts!)

I wrote a critical essay for the new job and started editing an ebook for the other.  I also supervised a few classes. (I say ‘supervised’ because they closed the musical yesterday and their teachers took pity on them and didn’t require any students to actively do anything.)

I keep looking down hoping to see turtles. So far I all I see is the boots that I put on this morning before I remembered that they squeak horribly when I walk across the room.   I didn’t care enough to change them and if any student noticed and was at all bothered by it, they didn’t say anything about.

In my world, having a less than interesting day is a nice change of pace. I don’t really want to look up in case a jagular drops down on me.

I’m not nearly as pitiful as I sound.

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