I think I would prefer “twitch”

Published February 28, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

Does anyone else repeat words over and over until they lose all meaning? I am willing to embrace the possibility that the answer to that is “no.”  A designer/artist I respect once told me that I was the strangest person he had ever met.

Anyway, (that is a very awkward transition, I am aware of that and the fact that I edited it out of the ebook that I am currently in the process of sludging through in an effort to make it more readable.)  I have been checking XOJane regularly to see if my contest entry for “It happened to me” has been published yet.

It has not.

That does not fill me with horror and panic, I know regardless of status all of the entries will eventually be published.

I really would like to win. I could use the break.

But as I read the other entries, a tiny part of me says, “You call that  a crisis?”  I feel bad about thinking that, not just because of the bad Karma (and believe me, I am starting to feel that the Karmic drain puddles out somewhere near my front door.)

It makes me feel like a jerk.

Then I started thinking about the different meanings of the word “jerk.”

This is the second definition:

Noun:  An idiot or stupid person. An insensitive, selfish, ignorant, cocky person who is inconsiderate and does stupid things.

The third is long and involved

1. Final stage of evolution of any male who spent at least one year dating in America, no matter his origin
2. Mandatory mindset for self-survival within corporate America
3. At this point of no return, group synonym for an elusive + cocky + self-confident + self-centered + loud + crazy male
4. A guy that doesn’t give a flyin’ fuck about anything else but his handsome allure and annoying success.
5. THE abusive attitude that will surely attract any girl’s love in America. For life
6. A guy that enhances any girl’s low self-esteem and insecurity without meaning it. Then gets blamed for it.
7. A guy that does not return any “I love you” s but keeps smiling at his girl’s face until she melts down and asks for more of that shit 🙂
8. Every bitches’ openly discussed concern. Yet every bitches’ secret love.
9. A challenge aka any girl’s biggest turn-on.
10. A bitch with a dick.
“Oh my God, Tyler is such a jerk to me {tears} He treats me like shit {collapses} I love him though {go figure}”

“Tyler earned twice my bonus this year and makes me realize what a sorry loser I am. He is such a jerk”

I don’t really think that I am a jerk.

The first definition was  for the verb form  it means twitch.

So if that means nervous and over-thinky,it fits.

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