Inspire or was it aspire?

Published March 26, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I have been asked a time or two what inspires me when I write.  A lot of the time it’s guilt.  I will actually talk to myself out loud to drag my carcass from one room to the next so that I will actually do something I truly enjoy.   Then I feel guilty because I have a number of writing implements and heaps, literal heaps (Worst organized bookstore ever) of story starters and springboards. (yet I can rarely find a pen that has ink, go figure)

Today I have things that I want to write about, mostly because I’m kind of depressed and grim and a little more than angry, but because I am made of awesome, I’m not going to name any specific names or even events but there is a lot going on this week, not the least of which this wheezy cough that I can’t get rid of, even though I went to the doctor yesterday, I’m supposed to get a referral for a sleep study.

Today, I am inspired by choking on something other than my own rage.

It’s always the little things.

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