The plug, she has many prongs.

Published March 30, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

As you may be aware, The Kid goes to The New York Conservatory of Drama.  He will be  graduating this may (I know! )  and because I’m seriously bummed out today and I absolutely can’t say anything nice, about say, anything, because Katboy and his baby-mama are in TN right now meeting Big Mama and the rest of the family.  There’s not anything at all I can say because really, what kind of pleasantries can someone exchange with the universe when such a series of events have blopped (that’s plopped on a blog) on to you?

Because I can’t say anything nice about my real life, I’m going to link to a few of The Kid’s projects. Check it out.  The Kid; Dustin Kane Nolen.

And because I still need to supply The Kid with basic fuel, like Pizza and Poptarts, you should please check out my webpage again,or for the first time to hear him voice act on Chapter one of my novel Circumstance.  And heck, if you have a book contract or possibly want to discuss his career or my career, or even know anyone who would want to do anything like, that please, please, please forward the information

Actor Boy, Dustin Kane Nolen

Actor Boy, Dustin Kane Nolen

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