Trying to move forward without falling on my face

Published April 7, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I think BC as in BC headache powder means, Before Crack. I woke up with a sinus headache.  I know my headaches and this was a sinus. The tension headaches tend to leave a dent in my temple. This one felt like a tiny pick axe wielding gnome was marching around in my sinus cavity.  The advil sinus congestion did nothing but make the gnome laugh. Then I had gnome giggles adding to the pain.  (This is a normal day for me, folks)   I have tried BC headache powder and it worked well and didn’t make me grow a beak or anything, so I picked some up. After taking it, not only was my headache gone, I was filled with zest and zing and actually had some of my will to live back. I am slowly coming down off of that. I have some congestion tension building behind my eyes but the gnome seems to have gone on to chip out boogers in someone else’s head. (I just said” boogers”. hehehe. ) I think that part will be ok.

I am dealing with the Ugly Truth and Grim Reality in bits and starts.  Lots of transition in my world right now.  My house looks like a thrift store threw up. (Except there are no children running around being Mexican and wee. I know that I have some cousins who would be willing to donate to this cause.)  Instead of fighting the transition, I’m going to add to it.

The Kid graduates in six weeks. I am going to initiate the transition sequence in my own life, mainly because I don’t really want The Kid to look prettier than me in the pictures. ( Ah vanity, where would I be without you?)

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