Is it Saturday for the truth-My own Sabado Gigante

Published April 20, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

People (my mom, my psychiatrist, a few colleagues and the guy behind me at Starbucks who was impressed with my triple shot latte order) have asked me, “Do you ever give yourself a break?

The answer is, sometimes. But today is not one of those times.  For some reason, my world has turned into a something akin to the inexplicable snarl that a string of Christmas lights turns into on its own while it waits nestled in its box for the next season.   I have been trying to get things in order, but whenever  I have some part straightened out, another part has rippled up (I swear I heard it giggle.)

Since I am trying to figure everything, (This is an all accompanying anything.) and I can’t seem to get anyone to sedate me into a coma, I have to continue the search, even on a Saturday.

As I continue through “Denying History” I have found some thought provoking ideas. (My thoughts are a dangerous beast to provoke.)  “Who in their right minds would deny history” This means in the light of a eyewitness accounts, photos and other evidence all converging to the same end, who could doubt the veracity of an event?

Maybe if something is so horrible it is impossible to believe.  I can see that.

The world has had a  pretty terrible week.  (Foul language alert.)

If you want a graphic breakdown check this out:

This article doesn’t include the massive earthquake in China.

It occurred to me yesterday that it’s easy to believe that people could lose track of the facts in history; we don’t have  firm grip on the present, so it’s not that far of  a stretch.

I cite the New York Post  “Bag Men” debacle.

No one really goes to the NY Post for actual news, but is it too much to ask for something based on fact?

My mind has been blown by the events of this week. The concepts in my reading material makes me feel like someone has blown into my ear very hard with a crazy straw (yes, I went there.)  I started following up on some of the names and publications that the book uses as referential evidence. (If you have ever wondered who actually reads and follows the thread of footnotes, it’s me. I do. ) My findings are in the process of boggling my mind. Stay tuned to see what words of three letters or more fall out.

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