Why’s Guys:¿por qué es la verdad?

Published April 30, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I must admit the main reason I translated part of the title because I like the upside down question mark. ( I’m also a big fan of the schwa,the underused sometimes vowel. Maybe it’s because my name contains an underused sometimes vowel, or maybe it’s because schwa is such fun to say.)

I have had the kind of insane day that makes it redundant to watch Dr. Phil.  But as always, in times of crisis, my books remain a constant companion. (Please don’t make any “Time Enough at Last” assumptions. That always makes me sad. Poor Burgess Meredith.)

The current state of the world is causing a lot of people to ask “Why?”  I am finding this is also the theme in much of the literature I am reading as a result of that time I went all blind dog in a meat locker at the library.  There are other things, but first I will touch on Why.

I’m not sure that knowing the Why would make any difference at all to the What and the Who.  (I’m not casting dispersions on those who ask why. I’m usually screaming the very same question in the line at Starbucks. The drive-thru is the best place to watch people violate social contract.)

So for me, the question is “Why is the truth?”  Does knowing the motivations behind the action make the action more understandable, or possibly preventable? Why is usually an essay question in a short answer world.  (You can quote me, but you know, refer someone to the blog or to the webpage http://www.ellesview.com, or just yell out that you think I’m made of awesome, or some such affirmation, I need the boost.)

And speaking of referrals, as I am finishing up “Where She Came From” I notice an email alert for http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/home-front-girl/

A timely blog from Cheri Lucas Rowlands,it told me about a what sounds like a time investment I need to make. A book and blog duo that tells a story based on letters from the World War II era. I plan to dive right into this because it seems to be from the time period that I wandered into, and the topic, seeking the truth.

Check it out. I plan to.

Tomorrow I will be back to some additional what, where and how.


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