And Sometimes Why.

Published May 9, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I am still slogging my way through Girls Like Us, (I say slogging because of the subject matter. Author Rachel Lloyd does a fine  job of grasping the humanity in situations where I would be punching people in the face for being so horrible and treating children so very badly.)

I am starting to think of the book stack that started all of this as my course in Griminology. (Remember, you can quote me, but you have to refer someone to the blog or to the website and maybe coerce them into checking out my creative writing.

I have added another book (yes because I am very very desperate for  reading material) The Internet Escort’s Handbook by Amanda Brooks.  I added this because I am interested in checking out another perspective and it might just help me find the answer to one of the whys.

Because writers and other artists (I do feel pretentious calling myself an artist, but not at all pretentious for being parenthetical) do not create in a vacuum, (you should the floors in my house!) I am influenced what is happening on the planet today, May 8, 2013.

It is big news that a man named Charles Ramsey interfered in his neighbor’s business and help rescue three girls who had been missing for over a decade.  His interview with Anderson Cooper is very colorful and real.   ( I particularly enjoy that Anderson Cooper looked like he had been carved out of ice, he appeared so cool on what is clearly a very warm day.)

While his time in the spotlight is winding down the public,  (Ok, the Huffington Post, which I do like, although I think  the are being very tense about this) is starting to pick the nits of the responses. Ramsey has mentioned McDonald’s at least three times in the news as he relays his story. McDonald’s is, of course, delighted. One of the questions I have heard in my Writer Chick universe is “Why would he mention that?”

I actually know the answer to that.

When something truly horrifying happens in front of you, you remember every single detail of the event.  The details become the event because it is real and true.

Sometimes it is too real to believe.

And I think this guy just really likes McDonald’s



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