The truth and I (or me)

Published May 21, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

The truth is that I did not realize how incredibly lazy I am when I don’t have a pressing deadline. I had a pretty intense week last week (Intense for me: I was required to be around people, and I had to wear real clothes and a good face. Let’s suffice it to say it wore me out. ) The good news is, I did get a lot t done, got a rave review on a story, got a job as an acting coach for a workshop this summer discovered that everything I had to say about the Golden Cheeked Warbler and Poison Dart Frog had already been said by at least three other people, none of whom has the stringent ethics of myself and the client for this job.  ( I also learned that while the Black Footed Ferret is kind of cute with its tiny little mask face and black feet, it is also a big jerk, what with stalking prairie dogs just to trap them  in their homes and eat them.)

I also learned that if you have a ten year old car that has never needed brake work you should not be surprised if your brakes will need some looking over so you do not plummet to your untimely death.  The only reason I really care at all is that The Kid is graduating this weekend from The New York Conservatory of Drama and I can’t let him down. ( yeah, I know, I allegedly have a purpose,and my family would probably be bereft, and all of that other stuff, but the Mom and I are the Kid’s only family to attend the ceremony, so I gritted my teeth and paid the three hundred bucks to get my brakes fixed.)

Anyway,  I’m incredibly lazy. I am supposed to be taking today to clean my office and get it organized so I can keep the freelance jobs straight so I don’t look like a bigger yutz than necessary.

I started this yesterday and now the office is destroyed.  I am perched amid the rubble to write. I have notes from the last few things  I read but up until about a minute ago, I was just too lazy to walk the ten feet into the other room to get my notes.

For the most part, I feel terrible about complaining, (and let’s be honest, that’s when I’m the funniest.) because of yesterday’s huge tornado and devastation in Oklahoma. My family there is safe, but my heart breaks for the teachers at the elementary school. I know how hard it is to keep a kid’s attention at this time of the year anyway, and with all the chaos and storm and other madness I can only imagine their sheer panic.

So I don’t feel much like complaining.

And that’s the truth.

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