Is it Out Rage? Is it a contest, because I think I want to win.

Published June 3, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I wasn’t really sure where I was going with this when I got started. I began raging and then kind of lost steam. I’m not really out of rage (is that where outrageous came from, it seems so mild.)

I’m not really outraged. I am incredibly pissed off.   Katboy is in North Carolina this week with his family.  This family used to be my family, too. The last time we discussed it I was told that it was not financially feasible for either of us to go.  Now he’s there with his family.  He did not tell me that he was going. Friday I asked if he was going to be around for the weekend, this should have tipped him off at that I didn’t know he was going. Now he is surprised that I am upset that he didn’t tell me.

It’s one of those things out of the many that are just not fair.  I hate saying it because I certainly know that life isn’t fair.  It just doesn’t seem right. He says that he sold a guitar and was suddenly able to afford to go.  That’s fine, I in no way begrudge him the trip. I just wish he had mentioned it.  I don’t understand the complete personality change.

People should at least attempt to maintain some character continuity.

Speaking of characters, yesterday was the first day of my gig as an Acting Coach for Seattle Talent. (Yes, it does make me feel important to capitalize the title.) It was a very intense day, about seven hours of intensive training a group of young people, some of whom were too young to read and one twenty-one year old who was an incredible good sport. I am kind of bleary in the brain from the day, and I’m hoping all of the information that I processed over yesterday will eventually make it through the rest of my psyche so that I can function like a normal person (Ha!)

What’s normal for me this summer is a rotating series of jobs to make the ends meet. This does not bode well for my house being clean and/or organized soon (or ever.)   This week is actually not too bad. When my brain recovers from tap dancing all day yesterday, I need to finish up series 1 for a contract and start series 2 for a new one.  I’m I was hoping to jump right into things today, but I had to go out and buy toilet paper and cat litter. (Together at last.) and got a bit distracted. So now I’m a little dazed and just want to lounge and watch Netflix. I have a dull ache on the side of my head that I think is the wandering headache that started yesterday on the left side of my sinus cavity. This was at 9:30 AM before my first class started. I promised the headache that I would pamper and spoil it if just gave me a break until 6 PM. It slowed down but did a slow march across the left side of my face where it decided to stomp and pinch the upper left quadrant of my head(I wish I could draw, so you could see what I think the headache looks like.)  It stopped pinching when I walked through target and began a slow trudge that started to wind down when I had to fight my way down the cat litter aisle ( Apparently this was the place to be today. There were six other people there. It makes me ponder what kind of cat supply emergency this side of town is undergoing.)  Once I procured the litter, I got cat food (circle of life.)  Once I got home, I lost my will to create.  So the headache is throwing a temper tantrum.  Or maybe a temple tantrum.


Whatever it is. The headache wins.  Plus the cat would like the lap time.

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