The call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE

Published June 10, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I love urban legends (in general, not the movie. I was fond of the movie. I also like Rebecca Gayheart. She’s married to Eric Dane. Urban legend has it that they invited some starlet to have a menage a trois with them, then sold the story to the tabloids. That kind of thing isn’t my cup of tea, but wouldn’t you be flattered to be asked?)

I’m really tired and I keep looking to see what that dull ringing sound is. I think it’s all in my head. Or it may actually BE my head.

Today was my marathon Acting Coach day. I spend  7 and a half hours in a room with 6- 8 kids ranging in ages from 5-21. We work on monologues, scenes, interview skills, character work and how to keep a smile on your face (and a song in your heart?) during a long arduous day working at acting.  (I think others call it “Honing your craft”. Bet you didn’t think I would put something in quotes inside of parentheses. HA!)

I did learn a lot today and I got a lot of writing material out of it. I’m just so tired that I can’t really think about anything but the ringing in my head. Unless of course someone answers it. But who would be answering the phone inside my head.

Great now I’ve creeped myself out.

Because who would be placing the call to my head?

I think it’s time for bed.

I Did not mean for that to rhyme. It’s just a happy accident. I didn’t mean to sound like Edward Gorey and Shel Silverstein’s love child. Played by Rebecca Gayheart.

And we’re back.

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