Playing Coy: Things I am carping about today.

Published June 14, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I listen to podcasts from the How Stuff Works people. I just heard in the Zenobia warrior queen episode, one of the hosts MISPRONOUNCE denouement.  It is not pronounced De-Know-Meant. If a  third generation Mexican-American can learn and remember the correct, French pronunciation, surely someone who is PAID to educate and inform people can take the minute or two to Google it or ask someone how to say it. It took me six seconds to find it online. There’s even an option to click on so you can hear someone pronounce it correctly. (I even know what it means. It is the falling action and generally follows the climax of a play or story. )

I think this is why Actor Boy says that I tend to be a snob when it comes to the uninformed. I don’t try to force  my ideas on those who don’t want to hear them, but if I were so inclined I would find out how to pronounce them.

Zenobia, (died about 274 A.D.), a queen of Palmyra, a city-state in what is now Syria. She ruled in the name of her son after her husband, King Odenathus, was murdered (probably at her instigation) in 267 A.D. Zenobia expanded Palmyra’s power, sending her armies to occupy Asia Minor and Egypt. The Roman emperor, Aurelian, became alarmed and in 271 attacked and defeated her forces. Zenobia fled but was captured and taken to Rome. Aurelian pardoned her and she lived near Rome for the rest of her life. Zenobia was romanticized by later writers, who portrayed her as a second Cleopatra

I found this interesting(not just because of the heinous pronunciation thing, that was just a bonus.) because Zenobia is known in Arabic as  Bat-Zabbai, which to my uneducated ear (uneducated in Arabic, that is) sounded like the chant from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when they pulled that guy’s heart out. But it wasn’t that was “Aum Namah Shivaya” (“adoration to Shiva”). It is chanted to help protect one’s soul during times of peril.

I know this because I took the extra minute to look the information up so I could make my point with as few mistakes as possible.

I may be a snob, but I’m a snob whose reference skills are second to none.

(A side note: Koi and Carp are the same species but they are not exactly the same. All Koi are Carp, but not all Carp are Koi)

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