Three Hundred!

Published June 25, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez


This is blog three hundred. It is a mind blowing concept. Even if my mind isn’t worth much today because I used many neurons to teach and stay positive and not fling someone off of the balcony and remember that I was hired for my skill and my ability to stay unflapped. (For some reason the idea of me flapping struck me as HILARIOUS.)

Since I clearly need structure, I did a Google search on Three Hundred. Of course I got the movie, but this also came up.

Bowling. With a twist. (Their slogan, not mine.)  Apparently it is upscale bowling. I don’t mean to scoff; I’m a terrible bowler. One of the attractions for me is the possibility of enjoying some onion rings and the terrible atmosphere.  This is my favorite thing from the website:

“Our baby shower at 300 was the best party I ever hosted, mostly because my only job was to make the lane assignments! Everyone’s still raving about the ambiance and food, thanks!”

– Lisette

There are at least three hundred things I could say about my kid. And about that much about my friends and my family.

And then, there’s going back two years to May, 2011

I wrote a blog entitled: “How did we get here?”

No idea.

Actually, plenty of ideas, just very little focus.  The irony of this is that I am reviewing the purpose of focus in acting.

In my spare time (actually I have more of that than you would think) I am researching for my third novel (yes, yes, I know, I haven‘t quite polished the first one or really written the second one  but in the weirdness of my day, it’s much easier to stop/start research rather than narrow my focus to my story and have some child demand my attention by asking me why it’s important to protect your head in a tornado drill.  That really happened. Really. )

Anyway, the research I am doing involves World History.  It came to my attention that I don’t really know enough about World History.  Maybe it’s because I have such a bad memory of World History from High School because Denny King is an ass.

So I am reviewing World History for Dummies. (Making a crack at Denny King right now would be too easy.)

The first thing on the first page is the query, “How did we get here?”

Ideally, the answers will spring forth as I go through this book.

I’m pretty sure that’s a lot to ask of one book.  But then again, I’m no dummy.

When I wrote that blog I was still recovering from the death of my good pal Mr. Steve. I was also facing a pretty major transition in my life since it was apparent that I was going to be downsized out of a job I truly loved, but I was being afforded the opportunity to make the most out of a career in freelancing. My kid was about to embark on his journey to become Actor Boy, so things were interesting to say the least.

Two years later, I still wake up in the morning thinking, “I should ask Steve about this.”   Actor Boy has finished his initial journey and is now ready to take on the task of become the artist and entertainer I know he can be.

I am also facing a major transition. Because EH is now firmly ensconced/entrapped with AWT, I am trying to get out more and adjust to life alone. Just me the cat and the Bunnies and occasional visits from Actor Boy. I don’t think it will be too lonely as long as I keep busy and don’t become isolated and weird.

I also need to find a job that will pay me at least 400 per week because that is what I will need to supplement the money I make writing so I can, you know, live.  The need is getting pretty dire. This last month has been ok because all of the little jobs I have been working on add up to what I need. Most of these jobs end next week. So I have to maintain until July, then I get to freak out.

But my kid is here, so Actor Boy and Writer Chick will have a few adventures in the next day or so. Here’s the cliffhanger: Will Actor Boy help Writer Chick avoid a nervous breakdown before her impending birthday?  Stay tuned for the further adventures.

And thanks you folk out in the intrawebs for taking the time to read my rantings.

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