This news brought to you by some fabric softener.

Published July 1, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez
I am having an interesting weekend ( I know it’s Monday, but my birthday was on Friday and I worked all day yesterday, so I’m considering today my Sunday. Also with my birthday so close to the long weekend,  I get a little spacy about time, well, always.)
So there was a birthday on Friday, Actor Boy and I decided to work this year on our goals and in keeping with that weird synchronicity we have, out goals are eerily similar. This works because we kind of know when and how to boost each other up during the slumpy parts.  Last weekend we had similar rants within 24 hours of each. Suffice it to say that we wanted someone/something could commit a lewd act on some as yet named beneficiary.
I am looking for inspiration and I ran across a headline that lead me to a video. (I hate when they do that-Put up an enticing headline then lead you to some commercial that will eventually turn into the information you wanted to know in the first place. This is what I found:
Manuela Hernandez, at 100 years of age, finally finished elementary school this week. Hernandez, who grew up in Oaxaca, Mexico,

was forced to drop out after just one year of school when she was a child. After years and years of wanting to return and finish, she finally did, at the age of 99. Congrats Manuela! She says that she plans to start high school next year, so hopefully Prom Queen is in her future.
She took 90 year break then got back to it and reached her goal.  I think it’s amazing and it does make me feel a little guilty about being a slack.

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