Kind of a stupid thing to say

Published July 9, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

According to Sir Arthur Helps, “Nothing succeeds like success.”

“Well,Duh.”-Marge Simpson.

I have the brain numby thing. That means my brain feels like it’s asleep and I’m waiting for the pins and needles.  I hope it doesn’t feel like a migraine.

The thing I did today that I’m afraid will haunt me for the rest of the summer:

I wrote a 5000 word short story from start to finish in 12 hours.  (Yes, I’m on deadline.)

I have to crank out another story by Wednesday. This are the stories that I have been balking about for the last month.  But I know I can write them, it’s just that it’s incredibly difficult to feel hot, romantic and flirty when your husband’s baby is due in a month.

I ran into some people I admire and like. They are the parents of one of my favorite students of all time. They are good people.  I haven’t seen the father in a few months and wasn’t sure if he was up to speed on my personal drama.  I used the phrase that sums it up best, “After 18 years of marriage, I’m getting a divorce because my husband’s girlfriend is pregnant.”

That kind of wraps it up.

When he left he said, “Good to see you, sorry about your . . . life.”

Me too. It made me laugh because that’s about the smartest thing anyone has said to me regarding any drama that has happened and will probably happen to me ever.

I should back away from the keyboard and rest the brain because I have to coax it out again tomorrow. (I just got a mental picture of brain gnomes and time weasels walking around the cave that my brain lives in, I guess that would be my skull, trying to get my brain to come out  by teasing it with treats. )

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