Mish-Mash I was taking a bash (sorry Bobby Darin)

Published July 12, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I often feel that my love for the written word is both a blessing and a curse. I have been writing all week and I have a few blissful hours to lean back and enjoy the fact that I met all of my deadlines this week and only sort of sound like an idiot.

As I was walking from one slack heap to the next, (I haven’t had time to clean and I’m kind of a slob under the best of circumstances.)  I thought about a book that I got from the Weekly Reader book club, Mish-Mash and the Venus Fly-Trap, by Molly Cone.

Now, this isn’t an award winning piece of children’s literature and wasn’t  a particularly fantastic story, yet I can clearly recall the basic elements of the story, some illustrations and even the color of the cover.

The story was about a boy and his dog.  The dog was a big bumbly mutt of a dog who I always thought of as an amalgam of Ribsy and Marmaduke.  Mish-Mash was always getting his boy into terrible trouble and in this particular story, the boy’s aunt came to visit and basically turned the house upside down with her helpful suggestion and intrusive plant, a Venus Fly-trap.

Now I have no idea  how a plant could be intrusive as a house guest, but it was a key element of the story’s main conflict.  Through a series of misunderstandings, the boy begins to believe that the plant ate his dog.  Of course, the dog was just on some kind of big doggie adventure, because that’s what doggies do.

The dog returned, everyone was happy, the annoying aunt went home and took her carnivorous plant with her.

Now this story is only noteworthy because this book is only one of the many, many books I have read throughout my life. Several of these books were classics and of serious literary merit.  In high school, I read the Marble Faun which I do remember enjoying, but cannot  remember any specifics of the book.

I am afraid to move my head too much; I don’t know what will leak out. And I shudder to think what else is barnacling itself to brain.

Would you call those Brainacles? (Remember,you may use any of my coined phrases as your own if you would be so kind as to refer folk to my website http://www.ellesview.com )


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