Pro-lific or Anti-lific, you decide

Published July 15, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I enjoy words. Anytime I use a word that is not in my daily vernacular (which these days is anything that doesn’t involve coffee or giant sodas or cat food. I sometimes will randomly text Actor Boy the word “Booger.”)  I check the definition on one of the many online resources to make sure that the word is the exact one I meant to use.

I decided to go with prolific because even though the head gnome is apparently playing handball with the the bats in my belfry (I couldn’t have them play Batminton, that would be too corny.) causing my sinuses to ache and I feel like my brain guts are shifting from side to side like a lava lamp, I have decided to try and tackle some of my editing tasks, because, you know, I need the money.

I checked out the word, and it does, indeed mean what I meant. A synonym is “Fecund.” I’m glad I know that, if someone called me a fecund writer I might bust them in the chops.

What amused me the most is the site on which the definition and synonyms can be found. It’s on the Reverso dictionary site.

I was kind of hoping it would be interactive and that maybe Reverso would be a wizard that you could click on and have him spit out an antonym, you know, the REVERSE of what you were looking for.

That makes me happy because it would at least explain, in part, why all occasions seem to be forming against me.

I think the bats and gnome are reciting Shakespeare to amuse themselves.

I have a weird head.

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