Is it crazy in here or is it just me?

Published July 23, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I realize that anything I say in my defense only makes me sound crazier.  My friend James says that it’s a good kind of crazy. (Actually he said that he has four cats and collects Star Wars figures so maybe he wasn’t the best judge of crazy.)

I don”t know how I should take that.

It has been a long day. There has been a headache building dully in most of my head all day. It hasn’t really slowed me down much, just enough to make me leave my shopping list at home.( I forgot bread and bug spray) So unless I planned to to either eat a poison sandwich or lure bugs into my house with toast and jam, I’m ok.)

The headache continued to build and I started to advance panic because you know, my head is just a time bomb waiting to go off. It’s a neat trick but I already did it, so I would have to top that incident. Or, hey, just not do it.

I have a good friend who is much smarter and sciencey than I and she once told me that the cracks in the human skull respond to changes in the barometric pressure.  Believe me, it is a relief to know that the headache is caused by the head gnome using his barometer as a lever to crank up the pressure in my head. And just in case that’s not enough to make me crazy, the gnome sees to have worked out a deal with Google Chrome.  A Chrome Gnome, if you will.

In the course of the time it has taken me to dazzle you with today’s report from the crazy front, Google chrome has crashed no less than 5 times.  I don’t know who is responsible for this. (perhaps the time weasels are setting up with Internet Explorer.  That is if the explorer in question was the kind that got lost on the search. )

It’s maddening. But it’s time for bed.

I wrote a review today that contained the phrase Warning: Multiple Alien Partners.

Tomorrow must be better.  Instead of reviewing the cheese, I will be writing the cheese.

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