Bend into the inappropriate

Published August 9, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I am taking the SAT tomorrow.

I have two upper level terminating degrees that were almost terminal.

I took the SAT 27 years ago.

Part of the hiring process at Huntington learning center (Test prep and tutoring) is to take the SAT. It’s the reading and writing portion.  That’s what they told me. (There WILL be an Ugly Public Meltdown if they try to sneak math in on me.  I am not kidding. )

My usual fear for this kind of thing is that my processing speed won’t be up to par so that I can adequately answer the questions.

I don’t think that’s the biggest problem.  I can read and write much more quickly these days.

What I am most concerned about is that I will start laughing uncontrollably because words crack me up.

Strange but true.

And as charming as my bent for the inappropriate may be, if I slip into that pit, I may not come out.

Because I am a huge nerd,I stopped off at the library and grabbed a SAT prep book to refresh myself on anything that might have changed in the last two decades.  (Who knows, they may have changed things  to include a coloring inside the lines portion. I would fail that miserably but it would be nice to have the option.

I have laughed myself hoarse over two of the sample passages. Not because they are poorly written, not because the content is laughable. I laughed donkey-like because the individual words were hilarious.

Tomorrow should be interesting.

The cutest word in the English language is Caboose.

I always want to draw big pupils in the O’s and big fluttery eyelashes on them as if they were flirting with the reader.

I think Caboose is the Clara Bow of the word world.


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