In Sight, A Mind!

Published August 12, 2013 by Lynda Christine Rodriguez

I don’t usually read things that are touted to be thought provoking.  I know my thoughts will get angry when provoked, and no one wants that.

I am trying to stay focused on my goal. I have a deadline and I have to write four short stories.  I have the plot lines and characters lined up, I just have to toss them around in a word stir-fry and get them done.

I’m clearly doing a bang up job of staying focused.

I’m on a bit of a break and  glanced at the news.

House flippers make delightful find in shed

My first thought was that someone had actual flippers in the house.  Like a dolphin or scuba gear and that flipper use found them delight.

No, that wasn’t it.   (I think my story would have been better.)

It does kind of give a little insight into how my brain works.

Then AOL’s home page vexed me with an ad disguised as a news story that said, “Surprise him with a new body.”  I immediately thought of a new corpse added to the zombie pile in the back yard and Donna Reed saying,  Hello Dear, I there’s a surprise for you in the back yard and we are having chocolate pudding for dessert.”  (mmm pudding)

And my other source of news, MSN, distracted me with a link with the headline “Skip the Viagra and eat this.”  (World’s worst pick-up line.)

I did not click on the link.

I really have to get back to work .



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